Support for flow measurement and visualization

Fume Cupboards Testing

Laboratories in research institutes as well as in industry facilities comprise a ventilation system as an essential component.

Any employer is obliged by law to provide evidence of the functionality of each fume cupboard within the framework of a risk analysis. We are not only equipped for this purpose but also hold the necessary experience required worldwide for performing these security relevant testing procedures.

On the one hand we offer prototype testing under idealized conditons in our own testing laboratory. Responsible planning of any laboratory worldwide does not go without this testing procedure.

On the other hand we also inspect fume cupboards already installed at customer's site and propose improvements in construction and handling in respect of data taken experimentally.

As a member of the network of testing institutes for fume cupboards in the standards committee (Fachnormenausschuss für Laboreinrichtungen, FNLa, in DIN, German Institute for Standardization) we work independenty for different manufacturers Europe-wide


Prototype Testing

Prototype Testing

Fume cupboards have to be subject to type examination according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17000:2005 which has to be performed by an independent institute.

We perform these testing procedures in our testing laboratory especially equipped for this purpose.

Due to our active engagement within the standards committee we are able to provide for state-of-the-art testing procedures according to EN 14175 parts 3, 6 and 7 as well as ASHRAE -110.

On-site Testing

We do not only have equimpent available which is necessary for testing fume cupboards under realistic conditons but also offer the full service range starting with simple tests at regular intervals according to guidelines for testing laboratories and ending up in approvals according to EN 14175-4 for special designs.

Due to our long-term experience we are able to provide proposals for improvements at any time necessary. This constitutes our qualification as an important partner of awarding authorities for laboratories to be newly established as well as of suppliers of laboratory equipment in acceptance of new compents and furniture for laboratories.

On-site Testing

Flow Visualisation

Flow visualisation

The Visulisation of air flows by the use of artificial fog is of great importance for understanding the flow pattern and for uncovering weaknesses. Depending on the air velocity, different kinds of fog need to be used. We help you to make the right selection and we support you creating a test facility (e.g. with laser light sheet).

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